The Beauty of Free Makeup Samples

Many of us are looking for beauty on a budget, but what if that beauty was completely free? No strings attached. Well, growing up I was always taught that you can never get lost as long as you speak up. Same rule applies towards going into a store and asking for samples.

Yes, free samples are great! You get to test out new products and in the comfort of your own home. Many stores and brands offer free samples you can bring home with you. The secret is that they won’t tell you they give out samples; you have to ask them. You have the whole beauty world at your fingertips. I’ve gotten some great free samples from MAC stores. If you’d like to try out a different shade of liquid foundation, ask them for a sample. Maybe you need to try a darker foundation shade in the summer and a lighter one in the winter.

Jane Iredale offers cute samples if you’d like to try out different shades of makeup as well. My ultimate go-to place for finding wonderful makeup and skincare products to try is Sephora, the Queen of beauty samples. They also have helpful experts working there who know about the product. If you’d like an explanation on how to use the product, they give you a detailed printout explaining how to use the sample.

Other companies, like Dove, offer mail-in free samples where they send you a pamphlet in the mail or a magazine, offering a sample if you mail it back in to them. Although it takes some time, the product is often great and probably worth the wait.

Next time you walk into a beauty store, don’t be shy to ask for that sample. It may just become your new favorite go-to product!



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