The Deal With Concealer

It seems like everyone has a method for applying their makeup, concealer included. Some people were born with a perfectly, flawless complexion. But for the rest of us, there is nothing wrong with a little help. Whether you want to hide under eye bags or conceal a blemish before a big night out, concealer can work wonders.

Concealer comes in two textures: liquid and cream. There is a lot of debate going on whether you should apply concealer before or after you put on your foundation. For years, I’ve been putting on the concealer before my makeup. But beauty experts say that doing so can waste concealer because it rubs off with the makeup. Many say that the foundation can cover up imperfections on its own. Others say to apply the concealer before to know what areas that you want covered, and build coverage with the foundation after.

And the correct way is:

There is no right or wrong answer. Whether you apply concealer before of after, it is all based on preference. I prefer to dab it on under my eyes and on imperfect areas to even out my skin tone before I apply my foundation. Others swear by it the other way around.

My go-to concealer is the MAC Matchmaster concealer, which comes in a nice little stick compact and is easy to apply to the skin. It goes on natural and corrects any problems areas. It is also buildable if you need that extra coverage. The Matchmaster concealer stays put for many hours and doesn’t start to crease in the lines on your skin. It brightens dark areas and gives you a flawless look.

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