How to Stay Dry on the 4th of July

This summer, it looks like it’s going to be a hot one! Despite the overcast and rainy looking skies on the fourth of July this year, it’s not rain I’m talking about keeping you dry from. The heat seems to do a number on makeup. Here are some tips on how to keep dry this sizzling summer.

1) Stay hydrated!

Water, water, water! Not only does it cool you down, it keeps you hydrated, your skin included. I try to carry an ice-cold water bottle with me everywhere I go. You never know which places may have no air conditioning.

2) Use a primer

In one of my previous posts, I mention why it is great to use a primer. Not only does it provide a smooth surface for you to put you makeup on, it also keeps your makeup in place.

3) Use waterproof eye makeup

Nothing says heat of the summer more than raccoon eyes. Prevent your eye makeup from sweating off and running by using a waterproof eye makeup. This is great for any eyeliner or mascara. It will leave your eye makeup looking fresh all day.

4) Use a makeup sponge to dab sweaty areas, without caking on more makeup

I like to keep a makeup sponge in my bag to dab my t-zones when I start to sweat. This is great because it makes your makeup look refreshed and you can easily replace your sponges.

5) Use SPF lotion

Protect your delicate skin by using SPF. This has less to do with preventing sweat, and more to do with protection. It is still an essential step to making your skin look. Also, make sure it is not a heavy moisturizer, or you will sweat more.

6) Use oil-blotting paper

These are great to keep in your bag. When you start sweating, just take a sheet, and blot your t-zone areas. This helps to control the shine on your face.

7) Purchase a finishing spray or setting spray

There are some great finishing sprays out there that help to hold your makeup in place. These sprays can allow your makeup to look flawless for 16-18 hours, depending on the brand and type you purchase. I have tried the Skindinavia brand and it works pretty well. There are other great brands to try, including NYX, MAC, Urban Decay and Dior. The prices vary, so there is a spray for all budgets. They generally work very good and stop the oily shine on your face.

makeup 7


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