Beauty Starts From Within

When we think of beauty, we often mistakenly think of what we see on the outside. Beautiful eyes, skin, complexion. But what we can’t neglect is the beauty within ourselves. This starts with taking care of our bodies. Drinking lots of water, eating fruits and vegetables and daily exercise can keep you healthy and beautiful.

How do you get enough water in a day? I start my morning off by drinking two 16 oz water bottles. You can add lemon or cucumber to it if you’d like. For me, it’s easier to drink warm water than cold water.

Also, try to incorporate fruits and veggies in your daily routine. Carrot cake and lemon cookies don’t count as that fruit serving! Try to make your fruit into all natural, delicious fruit smoothies instead of buying sugary drinks. I use the nutri-bullet to get my serving of fruits and veggies. My favorite smoothie is blending cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, spinach and grapes, a little bit of water and frozen blueberries. It is healthy and delicious.


And the best way to have inner beauty is to be kind to yourself and love who you are. Nobody is perfect and don’t be so hard on yourself. Inner beauty shines on the outside.


Take care of yourself and stay Beautifully Inspired.


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