The Weekend Retreat to Eat

cupcakes-690040_1280Friday is called Fried-ay and Saturday, Fatterday for a reason. On the weekends, we usually let go of our healthy eating habits and binge on whatever is in front of us. Ice cream, pizza, fried foods and chocolate galore. This is not all bad news. It’s both good and bad for you and your body. You need to allow yourself one or two cheat days during the weekend so that you don’t cheat everyday of the week. And it’s ok if you do splurge on that slice of pizza you had your eyes on. Your body releases feel good hormones when you eat certain foods. So don’t feel as if it is bad to treat yourself once in a while. You deserve it..It was a rough week and some comfort food may be the little lovin your stomach needs right now. Always remember to love yourself, and that you are Beautiful, inside and out. Stay beautifully inspired and keep an eye out for my next Beautispiration post.