5 Ways to Not Pack on the Pounds This Holiday Season

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The holidays are just around the corner. Along with festive lights and holiday music, ’tis the season to pack on the pounds. With so many delicious dishes, it is so easy to pile up your plate and ask for seconds. But there are ways to avoid going overboard this season. Here are “5 Ways to Avoid Excessive weight gain” this holiday.
1. Drink Lots of Water. This cleanses your body and helps you to eliminate waste. Also, drinking water before eating during the holidays will fill you up, forcing you to eat less.
2. Pile Up on the Veggies. It is so tempting to go for the starches like mashed potatoes, stuffing and mac and cheese. Try to fill yourself up on green leafy veggies like kale and collard greens. Go for the green beans and salad. Eat as many veggies as you can and make sure to fill at least half your plate with them. They will keep you full longer and help keep off the pounds
3. Eat something Light Before Heading Out for Festivities. I know some of you may want to avoid eating beforehand so that you can enjoy all the great food in front of you. But, starving until the family festivities will make you crave and eat alot more. Before heading out, opt for a light snack like a boiled egg or raisins. This way, you won’t overdo your eating habits at dinnertime.
4. Enjoy the Company of Your Loved Ones. Take this time to enjoy spending time with loved ones and take in the moment of the holiday season. Staying occupied will allow for you to eat less and enjoy time with those you love more.
5. Wear an Outfit that Makes You Feel Fabulous. Put on that dress that you love or those pants that make you look great. If you see yourself looking fabulous in your favorite outfit, you will unconsciously want to eat less to keep yourself looking and feeling wonderful today and throughout the New Year.