5 Ways To Be Makeup Ready For Spring


Spring has finally sprung. With the season being here for nearly two weeks, it is just starting to feel warmer in the Northeast. With new weather, comes new wardrobe, new hairstyles and yes, new makeup routines!

Here are 5 great ways to get yourself makeup ready for this Spring season.

  1. Go Lighter on the Foundation or use BB cream.

In the winter, there’s nothing wrong with going a little heavier on the foundation. It’s ok to accent your look, and use makeup to help you achieve that look you want. Thankfully, the winter cold automatically sweat-proofs your makeup.

However, in the spring, you can go easy on the foundation and let your natural beauty and glow shine through. With Spring being smacked between the hottest and coldest seasons of the year, it is a perfect time to get that look you want!


  1. Experiment with Different Lipstick Colors

In the colder months, people tend to opt for darker shades and hues than in other months. With warm weather approaching, play around with nudes, bright shades, pinks and even new glosses. This will prepare you and help you find that eventual perfect summer color you’ve been searching for.


  1. Tryout New Eyeliner Looks

There are so many ways for you to perfectly line the shape of your eyes. My favorite is the winged cat eye look. However, this look can seem a little heavy in the spring. Try new looks and colors. Go with brown, turquoise or blue liner. Or try lining just the top or just the bottom of your eye for a less heavy look.


  1. Use a Lighter Moisturizer under Your Makeup

In the winter months, we need the thick moisturizer to coat and protect our skin. Our face needs that extra layer so that the wind, snow and extreme weather won’t crack our skin. However, without the winter snow, we don’t need such a heavy duty protectant on our face. Skip the heavy moisturizers and opt for a lighter one that has SPF, because no snow equals more sun!


  1. Invest in Blotting Paper, A Blot Powder or Makeup Setting Sprays

With more sun, comes more sweat. And nobody likes the “sweating off your makeup” look. We want to glow, not melt. To keep sweat at bay, buy some makeup blotters that you can keep in your purse or back pocket. Or, after finishing your makeup, spray on a makeup setting spray to ensure you’ll look fresh all day.


And don’t forget Spring Cleaning! Check your makeup bags, shelves and storage space for any makeup that you know you’ve had for a little too long. They can cause outbreaks and be bad for your skin. What better time to buy that new lipstick or blush? Spring is time for new beginnings, and don’t you think your makeup bag and you deserve one?

Happy Spring!