“It’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it”

~ Lou Holtz



5 Ways to Stress Less

sunflower-1497365_1920It’s that dreaded ‘s’ word. Stress is something that affects all of us. It can cause us to eat more or less, become grumpy to our family and friends, and put us in an overall bad mood. There are ways we can combat stress and take back meaning in our lives. Here are 5 ways to de-stress.

1.  Take Time to Do Something You Love

Whether it’s polishing your nails, gardening, or baking your favorite recipe, take time out for yourself, and make sure to spend it doing something you love and enjoy

2.  Pray or Meditate

There are some things in the universe that we can’t control. Leave such things to a higher power and know that tomorrow is a new day.

3.  Exercise

Being stressed out causes us to want to calm our nerves and anxieties with comfort foods. Our cortisol levels and hormones are raised in our body, causing us to crave bad food. Calm those cravings by working out. Join a gym, run the treadmill, or do my personal favorite; jog on a track outdoors. Jogging or running outside has the nice added bonus of a changing scenery, not being closed behind four walls. Even if you just sneak in 10 to 20 minutes of exercise for the day, it can make you feel better.

4.  Breathe Slowly

Breathing exercises are very good for the body. There are different methods and forms of breathing practices, but I recommend taking time to inhale and exhale slowly, appreciating the essence around you and clearing your mind of any stressful thoughts and situations.

5.  Get an Appropriate Amount Sleep

Sleep is very important. It will determine how you treat yourself, your co-workers and those you’re close with the next day. Try to get the appropriate amount of sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning. Some people say 7 hours others say 9. But like any diet or other personal regime, your amount of sleep should be individualized and personalized to what makes you feel good.

There are tons of ways to lessen the stress in our lives. Each body and everybody is different. Choose the way that makes you feel the best. Allow yourself to take control of the way you manage the stresses of everyday life.





5 Ways To Be Makeup Ready For Spring


Spring has finally sprung. With the season being here for nearly two weeks, it is just starting to feel warmer in the Northeast. With new weather, comes new wardrobe, new hairstyles and yes, new makeup routines!

Here are 5 great ways to get yourself makeup ready for this Spring season.

  1. Go Lighter on the Foundation or use BB cream.

In the winter, there’s nothing wrong with going a little heavier on the foundation. It’s ok to accent your look, and use makeup to help you achieve that look you want. Thankfully, the winter cold automatically sweat-proofs your makeup.

However, in the spring, you can go easy on the foundation and let your natural beauty and glow shine through. With Spring being smacked between the hottest and coldest seasons of the year, it is a perfect time to get that look you want!


  1. Experiment with Different Lipstick Colors

In the colder months, people tend to opt for darker shades and hues than in other months. With warm weather approaching, play around with nudes, bright shades, pinks and even new glosses. This will prepare you and help you find that eventual perfect summer color you’ve been searching for.


  1. Tryout New Eyeliner Looks

There are so many ways for you to perfectly line the shape of your eyes. My favorite is the winged cat eye look. However, this look can seem a little heavy in the spring. Try new looks and colors. Go with brown, turquoise or blue liner. Or try lining just the top or just the bottom of your eye for a less heavy look.


  1. Use a Lighter Moisturizer under Your Makeup

In the winter months, we need the thick moisturizer to coat and protect our skin. Our face needs that extra layer so that the wind, snow and extreme weather won’t crack our skin. However, without the winter snow, we don’t need such a heavy duty protectant on our face. Skip the heavy moisturizers and opt for a lighter one that has SPF, because no snow equals more sun!


  1. Invest in Blotting Paper, A Blot Powder or Makeup Setting Sprays

With more sun, comes more sweat. And nobody likes the “sweating off your makeup” look. We want to glow, not melt. To keep sweat at bay, buy some makeup blotters that you can keep in your purse or back pocket. Or, after finishing your makeup, spray on a makeup setting spray to ensure you’ll look fresh all day.


And don’t forget Spring Cleaning! Check your makeup bags, shelves and storage space for any makeup that you know you’ve had for a little too long. They can cause outbreaks and be bad for your skin. What better time to buy that new lipstick or blush? Spring is time for new beginnings, and don’t you think your makeup bag and you deserve one?

Happy Spring!

5 Ways to Not Pack on the Pounds This Holiday Season

vegetables-752153_1920 (1)
The holidays are just around the corner. Along with festive lights and holiday music, ’tis the season to pack on the pounds. With so many delicious dishes, it is so easy to pile up your plate and ask for seconds. But there are ways to avoid going overboard this season. Here are “5 Ways to Avoid Excessive weight gain” this holiday.
1. Drink Lots of Water. This cleanses your body and helps you to eliminate waste. Also, drinking water before eating during the holidays will fill you up, forcing you to eat less.
2. Pile Up on the Veggies. It is so tempting to go for the starches like mashed potatoes, stuffing and mac and cheese. Try to fill yourself up on green leafy veggies like kale and collard greens. Go for the green beans and salad. Eat as many veggies as you can and make sure to fill at least half your plate with them. They will keep you full longer and help keep off the pounds
3. Eat something Light Before Heading Out for Festivities. I know some of you may want to avoid eating beforehand so that you can enjoy all the great food in front of you. But, starving until the family festivities will make you crave and eat alot more. Before heading out, opt for a light snack like a boiled egg or raisins. This way, you won’t overdo your eating habits at dinnertime.
4. Enjoy the Company of Your Loved Ones. Take this time to enjoy spending time with loved ones and take in the moment of the holiday season. Staying occupied will allow for you to eat less and enjoy time with those you love more.
5. Wear an Outfit that Makes You Feel Fabulous. Put on that dress that you love or those pants that make you look great. If you see yourself looking fabulous in your favorite outfit, you will unconsciously want to eat less to keep yourself looking and feeling wonderful today and throughout the New Year.

The Weekend Retreat to Eat

cupcakes-690040_1280Friday is called Fried-ay and Saturday, Fatterday for a reason. On the weekends, we usually let go of our healthy eating habits and binge on whatever is in front of us. Ice cream, pizza, fried foods and chocolate galore. This is not all bad news. It’s both good and bad for you and your body. You need to allow yourself one or two cheat days during the weekend so that you don’t cheat everyday of the week. And it’s ok if you do splurge on that slice of pizza you had your eyes on. Your body releases feel good hormones when you eat certain foods. So don’t feel as if it is bad to treat yourself once in a while. You deserve it..It was a rough week and some comfort food may be the little lovin your stomach needs right now. Always remember to love yourself, and that you are Beautiful, inside and out. Stay beautifully inspired and keep an eye out for my next Beautispiration post.

Beauty Starts From Within

When we think of beauty, we often mistakenly think of what we see on the outside. Beautiful eyes, skin, complexion. But what we can’t neglect is the beauty within ourselves. This starts with taking care of our bodies. Drinking lots of water, eating fruits and vegetables and daily exercise can keep you healthy and beautiful.

How do you get enough water in a day? I start my morning off by drinking two 16 oz water bottles. You can add lemon or cucumber to it if you’d like. For me, it’s easier to drink warm water than cold water.

Also, try to incorporate fruits and veggies in your daily routine. Carrot cake and lemon cookies don’t count as that fruit serving! Try to make your fruit into all natural, delicious fruit smoothies instead of buying sugary drinks. I use the nutri-bullet to get my serving of fruits and veggies. My favorite smoothie is blending cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, spinach and grapes, a little bit of water and frozen blueberries. It is healthy and delicious.


And the best way to have inner beauty is to be kind to yourself and love who you are. Nobody is perfect and don’t be so hard on yourself. Inner beauty shines on the outside.


Take care of yourself and stay Beautifully Inspired.