The Weekend Retreat to Eat

cupcakes-690040_1280Friday is called Fried-ay and Saturday, Fatterday for a reason. On the weekends, we usually let go of our healthy eating habits and binge on whatever is in front of us. Ice cream, pizza, fried foods and chocolate galore. This is not all bad news. It’s both good and bad for you and your body. You need to allow yourself one or two cheat days during the weekend so that you don’t cheat everyday of the week. And it’s ok if you do splurge on that slice of pizza you had your eyes on. Your body releases feel good hormones when you eat certain foods. So don’t feel as if it is bad to treat yourself once in a while. You deserve it..It was a rough week and some comfort food may be the little lovin your stomach needs right now. Always remember to love yourself, and that you are Beautiful, inside and out. Stay beautifully inspired and keep an eye out for my next Beautispiration post.


Beauty Starts From Within

When we think of beauty, we often mistakenly think of what we see on the outside. Beautiful eyes, skin, complexion. But what we can’t neglect is the beauty within ourselves. This starts with taking care of our bodies. Drinking lots of water, eating fruits and vegetables and daily exercise can keep you healthy and beautiful.

How do you get enough water in a day? I start my morning off by drinking two 16 oz water bottles. You can add lemon or cucumber to it if you’d like. For me, it’s easier to drink warm water than cold water.

Also, try to incorporate fruits and veggies in your daily routine. Carrot cake and lemon cookies don’t count as that fruit serving! Try to make your fruit into all natural, delicious fruit smoothies instead of buying sugary drinks. I use the nutri-bullet to get my serving of fruits and veggies. My favorite smoothie is blending cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, spinach and grapes, a little bit of water and frozen blueberries. It is healthy and delicious.


And the best way to have inner beauty is to be kind to yourself and love who you are. Nobody is perfect and don’t be so hard on yourself. Inner beauty shines on the outside.


Take care of yourself and stay Beautifully Inspired.

Cat Eye Tutorial: Make The Winged Eye Look Your Own!

Alot of people want to know how to make the perfect cat eye. The secret is, there is no perfect cat eye. Everyone draws it differently. How can this be a beauty blog without an approach to the sexy cat eye look? This is how I draw my winged eye.

Step 1.

Start with a clean face. Make sure there is no oil around your eye. If you’d like, you can powder the area so that the eye liner will stay put.


Step 2.

Using the eyeliner, underline the bottom, outer half of the eye, starting from the middle and outward.


Step 3.

Draw the wing of your cat eye. I draw mine slightly upward. Some people use tape at a 45 degree angle to approximate where to draw the line,  but I usually wing it, pun intended!


Step 4.

Starting with the wing, bring a line inward to the front of your eye, following the natural curve of your eye.


Step 5.

Fill in the area that you just traced from the wing to the front of your eye, near your tear duct. Make sure it is a solid color.


Step 6.

On your bottom lid, add eye liner to the other half under your eye


And there you have it, your winged eye look  complete. If you want to add an extra step, you can also add a little line at a 45 degree angle from the front of your eye, like pictured below. There are so many variations to the cat eye. This is just one way that I do mine.


The eyeliner I like to use is L’Oreal Paris Infallible 16 hour in Carbon Black. It is the liner I used in this tutorial and works really well.


I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Stay beautifully inspired!

Nail Shades to Nail Shapes

Tired of going through different nail colors and nail art? Maybe it’s time to go from picking nail shades to picking nail shapes. There are so many different varieties of nail lengths and shapes available. Here’s a 101 on the basics of different nail shapes you can try:
Round– edges are softened
Squoval– squared-off oval shape
Almond– rounded point
Square-top off nail is shaved flat, producing a square shape
Ballerina/ Coffin– long nails thinned on the sides and squared at the top
Stiletto– a trending nail shape, nails are long and end in a sharp point
The variety of nail shape and color is endless. Try a different shape with your favorite color and see how impressed you’ll be!

The Fountain of Youth May Be in Your Kitchen Sink

There’s a reason that we seek out the fountain of youth. That fountain may be coming right out of your kitchen faucet. Water is the fluid of sustenance. Without it, we wouldn’t be here. It may be the best thing to keep us staying healthy and beautiful. Nearly 2/3 of our body is composed of water. This includes our largest organ; our skin. When we don’t get enough water, our skin loses its elasticity and youthfulness. Water hydrates the skin, lessening wrinkles on your face and brightening your complexion.

It is a good idea to replace sugary drinks with water. This way you are cleaning your body from the inside out. But how much water is recommended? Just like the changing times, this number always seems to change. It use to be written in stone that everyone needed to drink 8 glasses of water a day.Then, some experts recommend drinking 2/3 in ounces of your body weight. Others started to say drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces. there is even this Hydration calculator to guesstimate how much water you should drink. ( But just as every body is different, so is the amount of water needed for each person. Drink enough water so that you feel fully hydrated and try to drink more water in the summer when it’s hotter out. There is no magic number of how much water to drink; it is whatever works best for you.
And back to the beauty aspects of water, not only does it help to hydrate the skin. It also helps to shed unwanted weight. Instead of grabbing that high calorie midnight snack, try drinking a cup of water first. We often associate thirst with hunger. Also, first thing in the morning, try to drink some water to re-hydrate your body and break it’s eight hour fast while you were sleeping.
If you’re not a huge fan of water, try drinking it with a spritz of lemon. Sometimes, I add lemon and 1 packet of no-calorie sweetener to my 16 oz glass of water for a delicious 0 calorie lemonade. Feel free to add other healthy fruits for flavor. The fruits with the water will be great for your health and beauty.
makeup 5 water